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Banshee Battery

YTX14-BS LiFEPO4 Motorcycle Battery

YTX14-BS LiFEPO4 Motorcycle Battery

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It's Not a Battery, It's a Banshee. 70% lighter than AGM, 2X's Cranking Power CCA, 3X's Service Life. 2 year Warranty.
These new advanced LIFEPO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate Banshee batteries are amazing. Everything about them is new, Lighter, More Powerful, Longer Life, Green Footprint.  


Lithium Motorcycle Battery Replaces YTX14-BS Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery

2 Year Warranty |  Free Shipping To US Inner 48

Polarity: + / -

Voltage: 12.8

W/Hr: 64

Cranking Amps: 380

L - 5.9  | W - 3.4  | H - 5.7

Weight: 3.10 lbs (Compared to most 14-BS batteries which can weigh up to 10 lbs)

Replaces: YTX14-BS

Features: Extreme Light Weight • Flush Terminals

YTX14-BS Lithium ion Motorcycle Battery

The YTX14-BS 12v lithium ion motorcycle battery by Banshee is a direct replacement for your current ytx14-bs batteries. The Banshee YTX14-BS is a completely sealed motorcycle battery and also extremely lightweight. When you purchase a Banshee YTX14-BS lithium battery you will be getting only the highest level of performance available. Our lithium motorcycle battery lasts up to three times longer than traditional batteries and has a low self-discharge rate making it able to start with extended periods of storage.  Remember when you buy a YTX14-BS you’re not buying a battery, it’s a Banshee.

Banshee Lithium-Ion Sealed Battery General Features


YTX14-BS Lasts up to 3Xs longer than standard SLA Batteries Extended Cycle Life
Lasts up to 3Xs longer than standard SLA Batteries
YTX14-BS lithium motorcycle battery with cold temperature performance Cold Temperature Performance
Cold cranking power that outperforms other products
ytx14-bs batteries are able to start with extended periods of storage Low Self Discharge
Able to start with extended periods of storage
YTX14-BS 12v lithium ion battery is nontoxic, and environmentally friendly Green Energy
Non toxic, no acid, no lead, environmentally friendly
YTX14-bs Walmart motorcycle battery is completely sealed Completely Sealed
Can be installed in any direction or position
Battery BMS Banshee BMS
Built-in BMS (Battery Management System)



Extreme Light Weight

Weighs only 3.10 lbs compared to most 14-BS batteries which can weigh up to 10 lbs


ytx14-bs battery by banshee is extremely light weight

12V Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery YTX14 BS Flush Terminal Design
Flush terminals for better compatibility with Harley motorcycles
Battery Management System (BMS)
to prevent the battery from overcharging and overheating. The BMS is responsible for balancing the discharge/recharge loads on a lithium battery to avoid damage to the battery.


Lithium Ion 14-BS Sealed Motorcycle Battery

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Customer Reviews

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Concours 14

Have had my Banshee over a year now and it has been awesome. The battery protection keeps it from discharging too far ( a Concours thing) when sitting, and it always starts the bike quickly. I was so impressed that I dropped one in my wife's 2015 Dyna Low Rider ( a battery eater) and have not seen the dreaded "v inner" code since!