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Banshee Battery

Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Marine Battery Group 31

Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Marine Battery Group 31

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2 Year Warranty

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• The Banshee Sealed AGM Group 31 Marine Battery utilizes absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) ideal for personal watercraft, boat, & marine applications.

• Completely sealed design allows the battery to be mounted in any position without the need to worry about it leaking.

• Dual terminal design eliminates the need for any adapters.

• Deep cycling and starting capabilities - The perfect performance battery.

• Excellent resistance to vibration, shock, chemicals, and heat.

• Lower self-discharge means less time between recharging.

• Withstands high current output and deep cycling for more sustained performance.


Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Marine Battery Group 31

2 Year Warranty

Free Shipping To US Inner 48

Banshee Sealed AGM Group 31 Marine Battery

Unleash the Banshee this year with the new Group 31M deep-cycle sealed marine battery with dual terminals. Banshee batteries are designed to withstand rigorous deep charges as well as long slow recharges. The Banshee sealed marine deep-cycle battery is a direct replacement for Optima D31M batteries and guarantees excellent recharge capabilities for long lasting performance.

Banshee marine batteries are produced and manufactured using only the most up to date materials. Our group 31 marine battery is rugged, powerful, resilient, and should be the only battery you rely on for cranking, igniting, and lighting.

Banshee Marine Sealed Deep Cycle batteries provide superior high integrity and reliability. They are specially designed for frequent cyclic charge and discharge. By using strong grids, thick plates, and specially active material, these batteries are designed for repeated deep-discharge applications.

The Banshee Marine Sealed Deep Cycle batteries offer 30% more cyclic life than standby series batteries. They are suitable for solar and wind renewable energy storage, RVs, and marine applications.


Completely Sealed - No Leaking At All

This battery is completely sealed and can be mounted in any position without the need to worry about it leaking. These AGM batteries are completely spill proof and leak proof.

The key to this technology is the porous microfiber separators, which completely absorb and trap electrolytes. AGM batteries have the electrolyte suspended in fiberglass mat separators that act as absorbent sponges. AGM Battery provides the most power and best value in the industry.


The Perfect Performance Battery - Deep Cycling and Starting Capabilities

The perfect balance between Starting and Deep Cycle Performance.


Banshee Batteries vs. spiral wound designs: 15% more plate surface area!

The advantage of buying Banshee Marine Batteries is that they have more battery plates. More battery plates mean more plate surface area. That means that the Banshee battery has more power – twice as much as conventional batteries.

Banshee Marine Series batteries outperform every other brand of batteries on the market including spiralwound batteries, because their densely packed plates eliminate the “dead space” between cylinders in spiral designs.


Voltage: 12

Amp Hours: 105

Cold Cranking Amps: 700

Group Size: BCI: 31

Terminal Polarity: + | -

Dimensions: L - 13.00" | W - 6.76" | H - 8.26"

Height With Terminals: 9.33"

Weight: 66.14 lb



Key Benefits

• Completely Sealed

• Dual Post Terminals

• Dual Purpose - Deep Cycle & Starting

• Maintenance Free

• Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) System

• Handle For Easy Carrying





Completely Sealed

Completely Sealed AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Dual Post Terminals

Sealed AGM Marine Battery Dual Post SAE Terminals

Handle For Easy Carrying

Sealed AGM Marine Battery Carrying Handle

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