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Banshee Battery

Banshee YTX14L-BS LiFEPO4 Battery

Banshee YTX14L-BS LiFEPO4 Battery

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It's Not a Battery, It's a Banshee. 70% lighter than AGM, 2X's Cranking Power CCA, 3X's Service Life. 2 year Warranty.
These new advanced LIFEPO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate Banshee batteries are amazing. Everything about them is new, Lighter, More Powerful, Longer Life, Green Footprint.


Lithium Motorcycle Battery Replaces YTX14-BS Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery

2 Year Warranty |  Free Shipping To US Inner 48

Polarity: -/+

Voltage: 12

Capacity: 8Ah

Cranking Amps: 550

Cold Cranking Amps: 450

L – 5.9 |  W – 3.4 |  H – 5.7

Weight:  3.2lbs (Compared to most 14L-BS batteries which can weigh up to 10lbs)

Features: • Extreme Light Weight • Flush Terminals • Built-In Voltage Meter

Lithium YTX14L-BS Motorcycle Battery


The YTX14L-BS 12v lithium ion motorcycle battery by Banshee is a direct replacement for your current YTX14L-BS batteries. The Banshee YTX14L-BS is a completely sealed motorcycle battery and also extremely lightweight. When you purchase a Banshee YTX14L-BS lithium battery you will be getting only the highest level of performance available. Our lithium motorcycle battery lasts up to three times longer than traditional batteries and has a low self-discharge rate making it able to start with extended periods of storage. Remember when you buy a YTX14L-BS you’re not buying a battery, it’s a Banshee.

Banshee Lithium-Ion Sealed Battery General Features


YTX14L-BS Lasts up to 3Xs longer than standard SLA Batteries Extended Cycle Life
Lasts up to 3Xs longer than standard SLA Batteries
YTX14L-BS lithium motorcycle battery with cold temperature performance Cold Temperature Performance
Cold cranking power that outperforms other products
ytx14l-bs batteries are able to start with extended periods of storage Low Self Discharge
Able to start with extended periods of storage
YTX14L-BS 12v lithium ion battery is nontoxic, and environmentally friendly Green Energy
Non toxic, no acid, no lead, environmentally friendly
YTX14L-bs Walmart motorcycle battery is completely sealed Completely Sealed
Can be installed in any direction or position
Banshee BMS
Built-in BMS (Battery Management System)



Extreme Light Weight

Weighs only 3.2 lbs compared to most 14L-BS batteries which can weigh up to 10 lbs


Lithium YTX14L-BS Motorcycle Battery

Lithium YTX14L-BS Motorcycle Battery Flush Terminal Design
Flush terminals for better compatibility with Harley motorcycles
Voltage Meter
Built in voltage meter so you always know your battery life
Lithium YTX14L-BS Motorcycle Battery


 Banshee YTX14L-BS Lithium Battery

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