Powerful AGM Sealed Batteries: The Key to Long-lasting Performance

It’s not just a battery. It’s a Banshee.

Those words alone redefine what you should expect from a motorcycle battery. Forget what you know about ordinary batteries because the Banshee AGM 30L-BS is setting a new standard. Engineered for the ultimate biker experience, this battery promises not only high performance but also unrivaled reliability, making it the last battery you'll ever need for your bike.

Four Years of Peace of Mind

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Banshee over any other battery is its industry-leading 4-year warranty. You read that right. Four Years. It's not just a product; it's a long-term commitment to your riding pleasure and peace of mind. This is the battery that stands by you, mile after thrilling mile.

Cold Cranking Amps to Get You Moving

Feeling the need for speed but worried your current battery might not hold up? With Banshee's whopping 500 CCAs (Cold Cranking Amps), you'll blast past the starting line every time. Fire up your bike or custom bike like never before, because this is as powerful as group 30Lbs batteries get.

Built Tough for Tough Rides

The Banshee AGM 30L-BS battery is not just about performance; it’s about resilience. Featuring a Heavy Duty Separator that increases lifespan, it's meticulously engineered to be resistant to shock and vibration. Plus, the heavy-duty plates and grids inside add an extra layer of durability.

Get More with a Banshee

You may wonder why the Banshee AGM 30L-BS battery weighs 20% more than its competitors. The answer is simple: More lead equals more battery life and more starting power. We don't cut corners because we know that when you’re out on the road, performance is not just desired—it's required.

Maintenance-Free and Leak-Free Experience

Yes, you read it correctly. This Banshee battery is completely sealed with Absorbed Glass Mat technology. This not only ensures it won’t leak or corrode on your bike’s expensive paint and chrome but also eliminates terminal corrosion. Plus, its maintenance-free operation means you'll never have to check or add electrolyte ever again.

Fit for Many

Compatibility? We’ve got it covered. The Banshee AGM 30L-BS fits and replaces an extensive list of battery types. From CB30L-B to TX30L, you’re assured of a seamless battery installation experience.

A Truly Global, Safe, and Reliable Battery

Banshee batteries are non-spillable and have passed all requirements of the International Air Transport Association. Its unique design allows for gas recombination of over 90%, making it one of the safest sealed lead-acid batteries available. Plus, it's UL-recognized for that extra layer of trust.

Why Choose Anything Else?

If you’re still on the fence, let’s make it simple. Why settle for less when you can have the best? With true sealed and maintenance-free design, outstanding performance, and unrivaled reliability, it's not a battery, it's a Banshee.

So, don’t just power your bike—unleash it with a Banshee AGM 30L-BS.

Ready to upgrade to a Banshee and solve all your bike's battery issues once and for all? Click here to make the switch today.

Don't just ride. Ride with Banshee.

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